Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, best kitesurfing in the world!

WELCOME to kite in Sri Lanka! Sri Lanka is a top kitesurfing destination in Asia and probably the number 1 in the world in flat water. In this website you will useful information that will help you to organise your kite trip in Sri Lanka!

If you want good tips when kitesurfing in Sri Lanka check out our practical guide to kitesurf in Sri Lanka!

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A complete guide about kitesurfing in Sri Lanka! Did you know that Sri Lanka is a top flatwater kitesurfing destination in the world  ? If you are looking for the perfect flatwater spots where to learn easily or to do freestyle, welcome to Sri Lanka! Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is like kiting in paradise! There are many kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka where to master your kitesurfing skills!  Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is heart-stopping! 9 months of wind per year, 20-25 knots on average and a tropical climate. Get your ass off the couch and come to discover this kitesurfing paradise in Sri Lanka. Don´t loose your next flight to Sri Lanka and enjoy the ulimate kitesurfing adventure in Asia. Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka offers a mixture of flatwater spots good weather and the best wind! 


What are the best kite spots in Sri Lanka?


There are many places to kite in Sri Lanka and most of the best kite spots are located in the North west coast. From Negombo to Jaffna it is windy most of the year. By the other hand, the most famous spot located on the East Coast is Arugam Bay, where it is also possible to kite in the ocean among waves, however due to the lack of wind and the difficult conditions to learn kite, you won´t find many kite schools there. While on the west coast you can kite 9 months per year, on the east coast the wind is not so consistent


On the west coast you will find more easily some kite schools and you will be able to kite confident from May to October and from December to March.  These are the most famous spots on the west coast starting from South to North. Kitesurfing Sri Lanka best locations:


* Negombo

* Chilaw





*Dutch Bay

*Vella Island




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