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margarita kite school


Margarita kite school is located at Sri Lanka kite spot, a high quality kite school with IKO instructors in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka.

Receive lessons, kite equipment and the perfect accommodation for your kitesurfing trip. Kitesurfing Sri Lanka = Sri Lanka kite spot: Jump & kite

1. Kiting & outdoor activities: You cannot get bored here because it is a paradise for outdoor activities like kiting, snorkeling, diving, canoying, stand up paddling and every an adventurer‘s heart desires. The best kitespots are close to Kalpitiya and they got perfect conditions just like flat, shallow water and steady wind conditions.

2. Unspoiled nature: You will get to see untouched nature, long beaches without tourism and the most stunning sunsets!

3. Road trips: Kalpitiya is the perfect base for trips in the surrounding area: Spot stunning biodiversity and rare animals at Wilpattu Nationalpark, see the sunrise at one of the oldest buddhism sights Anuradhpura, discover the wild Dutch Fort. We are happy to organize you trips in the surrounding area.

If you don‘t want to miss out on this, check their offers and fairly priced packages  here: -Kalpitiya kitesurfing school is happy to organize a perfect trip for you, so that you don‘t have to worry about anything. Only relax and kite 😉

Book now The cherry on the cake: Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka kite spot, a high quality kite school with IKO instructors in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka.

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Margarita kite school IKO Sri Lanka

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Reviews Margarita kite school


annitadinamita (Sep. 2019) 

THE KITE BIKE FLYERS The truth is that when you start you started in Kite-surfing, the first thing you imagine is sailing at high speed in your Kite with a totally aerodynamic and stylish posture …. UUUAAUUU as molaaaa But the reality is crude, when you start to go from one place to another with the kite or you fly as if you were a paper airplane, and you ask yourself: But where have I gotten? But isn’t it about sailing? When am I going to be as cool as Eusebi or Mario with the kite? I want to … I want to … Luckily, the Margarite team is wonderful, they have the greatest patience and a spirit of good rollism that makes everything easier, and finally they get you to sail and enjoy both the Kite and the wonderful environment of the lagoon. Undoubtedly, Eusebi, Mario (“Do not pull the bar papaaaaaa”), Ruben, Blanca, Mireia, Ingrid and the whole team of both the Kite and the Resort are a great crew, super friendly and close that make you feel at home And as one of the group, all this complemented by charming cabins and delicious breakfasts and dinners. We are not going to say that it is recommended, because you decide to go to Sri-Lanka, Margarite is obligatory for its hospitality, its surroundings, its Kite and its people …

Enrique Riera  (Jul. 2019)

Don’t pull the bar !!! The perfect place to learn to kite and the right people, even more so if you want to do it in Spanish. In the Kalpitiya lagoon you can put all the necessary and mandatory milks when you are starting and quickly recover the kite. Standing makes it much easier and if you mess it up too much or you get blocked you will be picked up by boat and start again. So much progress is made in a short time, better than in the open sea, especially with private lessons. I suppose it is also great for the most pro people but to be able to comment on that I still have left. The Margarita Village accommodation has a special flavor, a very familiar atmosphere, with good nightly gatherings and delicious food. It is important to have breakfast, lunch and dinner closed as there is not much to explore or make you want after a long day of sports. The staff is very friendly and helpful, Rubén a great host, good uncle, very attentive with many years in the country, and Eusebi, Mireilla and Mario make learning Kite much easier. Of course, as much as they repeat it, not pulling or hanging on the bar of the kite is up to you and your head. Thank you very much for all MKS team !!! I threaten to return !!!

Coco_Vane7 (Aug. 2018)

A special place Rubén has been a super host and an excellent Kite Prof! Margarita village has a lot of charm! I really liked the very large cabins with a shower in a small private garden and the dinners together. What I have appreciated the most is the good vibes and the atmosphere of this place. It is a perfect place to relax, play sports and discover this part of Sri lanka. I didn’t know anything about kite and I had a great time! I discovered a community full of people from different horizons and with everyone with a super vibes! I strongly recommend this place!

Sara D   (Aug. 2018)

After a few days of the course I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to extend my stay to continue learning !! Very professional instructors, individualized and flexible treatment that allows you to learn at your own pace! Highly recommended, also for the good vibes before and after the kite !! My best experience in Sri Lanka !!! I’ll be back for sure !!

sticky  (Jul. 2019)

Super experience We went to spend a few days and learn to kite from scratch. The instructors are great and the lagoon is a perfect place to learn fast. The environment is very close and familiar, nothing was missing. It is a perfect place for people who want to relax and kite at the same time, in good weather, very familiar and with delicious food. Many thanks to Rubén and the entire MKS team !! We will repeat the adventure !! PS: We went with a 2 year old and he had a great time !! 

Vicens M  (Mar 2018) 

Ihave spent 5 days learning to kite with Ruben at Margarita Village. Brilliant! I have also been able to see dolphins, visit salt flats, a safari and a couple of excursions to Wilpatu. Delighted to have been able to come to this corner of the island. In the Kanadian of Kalpitiya they make the best Kothu on the island. And Ruben and his people are exceptional hosts, good advisers to move me around the area. What I liked the most were the cozy cabins in the Margarita Village. A beautiful and almost exclusive place -you will be lucky if you can enjoy one of its cabins-, where you can rest after an intense day of kite. Definitely highly recommended.

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