Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is a great experience for whoever is very passionate for kitesurfing.  This kitesurfing destination has become famous very recently, around 8 years ago.  The west coast of Sri Lanka is the windiest place in the country, specially during the months of June, July, August and September.  Also, during the months of January and February the wind is very good and there are incredible flat-water spots along all the coastline. That means that Sri Lanka is the top kitesurfing destination in Asia.

If you are planning to come to Sri Lanka for kitesurfing, we want to share with you some good tips about the kitesurfing spots around.  The top kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka are located around Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya is the top destination when kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. Either you come to learn kite or to progress your kitesurfing skills, the flat water of the Kalpitiya lagoon is a great spot for kitesurfing. Also, there are countless of kite spots around with very steady wind and flat waters. The best kite trip you can do from Kalpitiya is going to Vella island, one of the top kitesurfing destinations in the world!

Vella Island is a tiny sand bar in front of the Wipattu National park. One side of the island is wavy, and the other side is a very flat-water spot. In summer time the wind comes from south west and in summer time the wind comes from north east.  It is possible to kite both seasons, either in summer time and winter time. Vella island is considered a top kitesurfing spot in Sri Lanka and in the world for freestyle

In winter time, a very great kite trip to do is from Vella island to the Navy Point. During the downwind trip you pass by small islets and thanks to the venturi effects is very windy all the time. Navy Point is also a flat-water kite spot and started to be famous very recently, when the Margarita kite school team started to organize trips to the Navy Point very often.

From the Navy Point you can also keep going downwind through the Puttalam lagoon, passing very near to Ippantivu island another great kitesurfing spot to go. If you keep going downwind all the time thought the Puttalam lagoon you can end up in the Dream Spot. The Dream spot is a long island located in the Dutch Bay near kalpitiya. Finally, if you want to get to Kalpitiya, better you cross to the ocean in the Dream spot, to keep going downwind and ending at Kalpitiya lagoon.

South from Kalpitiya, there is another very famous kite spot: the Kappaladi lagoon. This kite lagoon is very suitable for kite beginners and for whoever wants to learn kite. This lagoon is very shallow, so it is very easy to learn kitesurfing here rather than other spots with deep water.

There are many interesting kitesurfing spots to visit in Sri Lanka. If you like kitesurfing you should come to Sri Lanka for kitesurfing!

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