The ultimate guide about kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

A practical guide to kite in Sri Lanka. Things to consider

Sri Lanka has become one of the best kitesurfing destinations in Asia! And that´s because Sri Lanka is not only “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean” but “The Pearl of Kiting” . In other words, few kitesurfing destinations in the world come with 9 months of winds per year, an infinity of lagoons of flat water and a paradisaical environment! Therefore, thanks to its flat water spots, Sri Lanka it´s a perfect destination to learn and to improve kitesurfing! 

Furthermore, Sri Lanka has a very interesting history, an ancient culture and one of the most hospitable people on the planet! 

Sri Lanka is a TOP kitesurfing destination; that´s why we have developed this guide so that you have all the necessary information for your future kitesurfing trip to Sri Lanka! 

> Kite season

> Kite spots & locations

> Kitesurfing camps &kite schools

> Riding conditions

> Best downwinds

> Things to consider when travelling to Sri Lanka

> Things to do in Sri Lanka, apart from kitesurfing.

All you need to know when kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Still don’t know Sri Lanka and its kitesurfing locations? Let us tell you that Sri Lanka has become a TOP kitesurfing destination that is worth discovering. In this guide you will find all the necessary information for a kite trip to Sri Lanka! – In another words, here we hand you on a silver platter the best practical guide about kitesurfing in Sri Lanka.

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when taking a kitesurf trip to Sri Lanka? Where do we start? Well, we´ve got good news for you because in Sri Lanka you can enjoy kitesurfing 9 months a year thanks to its great weather statistics; You only have a vacation once a year? Don’t worry, you are in a lucky day! be it winter or summer, you can kite in Sri Lanka practically all year round. We are going to help you to know a little bit more about the top kitesurfing locations and the more authentic kitesurfing camps and kite schools in Sri Lanka! You will fall in love with this destination! If yet, you don´t trust us, you can ask Ruben Lenten! He personally came to Sri Lanka to see what´s going on here 🙂 Check out the video of Ruben Lenten pushing the young sri lankan kiters to the max!

Ok, let´s continue with why you came here !What is the main kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka?

What is the main kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka?

Let´s start with the wind my friend! The wind in Sri Lanka is just “FUC..ING” awesome. Sri Lanka has 2 kitesurfing seasons a year. The winter season from December to March and the summer season from May to October. Therefore, many kite schools and kitesurfing camps in Sri Lanka are opened almost all the year round, sounds great right? If you are crazy about kitesurfing, here you will not get bored

In summer,  the wind comes from the southwest and it is windy almost every day. The wind usually blows stronger at the beginning of the season, reaching up to 30 knots during some days in May but don´t be scare! There is an average of  20 and 25 knots in summer season. Don’t worry, you are not gonna fly away to India…

In winter, from December to March, it is usually windy in the afternoon. In winter is a great time to Kite in Sri Lanka too. Firstly, because  the wind comes from the northeast and is a thermal and constant wind and secondly, because the weather is perfect at this time. If it is cool at night and it is sunny the next morning, the wind rises well from around 12-1 pm. 

In winter season, it usually gets windy from December 20-25. What better way to celebrate Christmas by pumping your kite in this kitesurfing paradise?! January is the best month for kitesurfing during winter season,  although in February the wind is also quite constant. By March it drops quite a bit. Once the wind drops completely some of the kite schools start to close. That´s why if you plan to kite in Sri Lanka in March better you contact with a kite camp or a kite school before you go. In conclusion, you can kite in Sri Lanka almost all the year round. In other words, Sri Lanka is the most windiest destination in Asia when we talk about kitesurfing!

TOP 10 list kite spots in Sri Lanka

The best and most extreme kitesurfing spots are located in Kalpitiya Peninsula which is located north of Colombo capital. We don´t you to get bored anymore, therefore here you have the top ten kitesurfing locations in Sri Lanka! 

1 – Kalpitiya Lagoon

Among all the kitesurfing locations in Sri Lanka, the most known is Kalpitiya Lagoon. What is it about this lagoon that everyone comes to learn kitesurfing here? Well, firtsly, it is the flat and shallow water of the lagoon that make it one of the best and safest locations in Asia to learn kitesurfing. Most kite schools also have a lifeboat making this spot a very safe spot to learn kitesurf.  Secondly, the wind statistics are awesome (you can kite 9 months a year) and thirdly, you will be able to find easlily a certified IKO shool. Are a completely beginner? Then Kalpitiya lagoon is perfect for you. Don´t worry about being dragged by the kite between big waves and straggling a lot in deep water! Here you can learn fast and safe in flat and shallow water. In addition, as we haver remarked before, it is possible to kite both in the summer season and in the winter season! 

In addition to Kalpitiya lagoon, there are other Kite locations with super flat water that are worth discovering and we indicate them below!

2- The Dream Spot

The Dream spot is one of the best ans most unique kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka! Like Kalpitiya lagoon, we´got 9 months of wind a year. 

This kite location is located on a long and deserted beach, only 15-20 minutes away from Kalpitiya. What is it about the Dream Spot that makes it such a special kite spot? Quite simply, apart from being located in a virgin and unspoiled environment, it is a super calm water location, very little exploited and with very few kiters around. The Dream spot is the best kite spot closest to Kalpitiya to detach from other kiters. Also, in the summer season, the wind is much more constant and less gusty than in Kalpitiya lagoon.

3- Vella Island

Vella Island is THE HEAVEN of Kitesurfing! Imagine a kite spot that has it all: paradise island, flat water and very constant wind with 25 knots on average. It could be a dream, right? Well there is a place in the world called Vella Island and it meets all these requirements. Vella is a kitesurfing paradise and one of the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka! You will probably find few places in the world with these conditions. If you travel to Vella island, keep in mind that it is usually much windier than in Kalpitiya and that the kiting conditions are completely off-shore (it is not a beginner kite spot) Above all, your safety is the most important 

4- Isla de Ippantivu

Until last year, there were very few kitesurfers who came to Ippantivu to kitesurf, but recently, this island is becoming a very well known kite spot in Sri Lanka. Also called “Mini-vella” this kitesurfing island is just 30 minutes away by boat from Kalpitiya. Ippantivu is a small island with many mangroves and where there are only some fishermen’s cabins. As in Vella island, you won´t find many infrastructure around ; you are in the middle of the nature: Just you, with your kite , strong wind and super flat water 🙂 Ippantivu is a little bit further than the Dream spot and it is half way from Vella Island. 

5- Donkey Point

Donkey Point is a cape located in Kandakulya, a small fishermen village just 10 km south from Kalpitiya. You can access to the Donkey Point directly by vehicle through a sandy road (20 min approx from Kalpitiya town) and it is located next to a navy camp. If you wanna kite in steady winds near Kalpitiya, this is your spot! That is to say, while in summer the wind can get a little bit gusty in Kalpitiya lagoon, here in the Donkey point the wind is very constant and it is the perfect spot if you want to kite in the ocean.  By the other hand the Donkey Point it is not a spot for completely beginners. To clarify, if you are a beninner you first wanna learn in shallow water 🙂

6- Navy Point

Navy Point is another terrific and amazing flat water kitesurfing spot in Sri Lanka! If you organise a kite trip to Sri Lanka in winter time, you should visit the Navy Point. Located at the end of the “Dutch Bay”, this flat water spot is amazing.  In addition, in winter season you can make a downwind through the ocean from the Navy Point to Kalpitiya 

7- Kappaladi lagoon

Kappaladi is without a doubt one of the best locations to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. This small lagoon is located around 20 Km south from Kalpitiya and you will find nice resorts and kite schools around! From May to September it is very windy in Kappaladi, having a very good and constant wind. Furthermore, in this lagoon with flat and shallow water you can walk anywhere, making it a great spot to get started into kitesurfing! 

8- Adam´s Bridge, Mannar 

Adam´s Bridge is an amazing set of islets that divide Sri Lanka from the Asian continent. Here it is also windy practically all year round and a perfect destination for kitesurfing. However, at the moment the area is poorly developed and the infrastructure is practically non-existent. Among all the kite spots in Sri Lanka, we can say that Adam´s bridge is the more isolated one. Despite this, if you are a kite lunatic and a true adventurer, Mannar is your perfect destination! You will need some guts to kite in Mannar man!

9- The southern beaches of Sri Lanka

From December to April, the south of Sri Lanka is the perfect destination to enjoy sandy beaches and good weather. The south of Sri Lanka is more touristy and developed than Kalpitiya and you will find more offer of resorts, restaurants, disco bars… Yet, there are not many kitesurfers in south and you will find hard to find a kite school or kitesurfing camp there. (Almost all kite schools and kite camps in Sri Lanka are located in Kalpitiya) However, during some windy days, it is a good destination to enjoy kitesurfing among good waves. You just need to be lucky to have enough wind

Get ready to kitesurf with big kites as the thermals usually range from 12 to 16 knots! If you are lucky tough, you can also find 25 knots on a day! These are some of the beaches where you can kitesurf in the south of Sri Lanka during the months from December to April:

* Ahangama

* Weligama

* Tangalle

* Arugam Bay 

Arugam Bay is located in eastern Sri Lanka and it is one of the most famous surfing destinations in the world. Unfortunately, the wind is not as constant as in Kalpitiya but if you are lucky to find a windy day, prepare to kitesurf among the best waves in Asia! The season in Arugam Bay is from May to September when there is also more atmosphere for surfers. On windy days, it is usually side-offshore, so study the conditions well before jumping into the water ! Don´t be unconscious and better you find a good fisherman friend to take care at you!

Ok, now just imagine.. you have just landed on the island and you are wondering where to stay? Where to get lessons? Let´s talk a little bit about what are the best kite camps and kite schools in Kalpitiya.  Here we show you a map to show you a bit of the kitesurfing scene on the island

In the next map you can see how far is Kalpitiya from Arugam Bay….in the map it seems they are quite near but the reality is that you will need around 10 hours to get there

kite spots map locations

The most terrific kite camps & kite schools in Kalpitiya – Sri Lanka

Yet you didn´t decide where to stay? Don´t worry my friend , here you will find a list with some of the best and most famous kitesurfing camps in Sri Lanka! We help you to choose your accommodation! These kite camps are the top picks! Why? Firstly, because these kite camps&resorts are located around Kalpitiya lagoon and Kappaladi Lagoon so you don´t need to worry about how to get to the lagoon. In other words, launch and land your kite whenever you want…Secondly, becase most of them have a restaurant in site and they offer packs with full board, half board or bed&breakfast basis that will make your life easy. And thirdly, because these kite camps have a kite school in site with certified kite instructors 

Kitesurfing camps located in Kalpitiya lagoon

  Most of the next kitesurfing camps daily cross by boat to the other side of the lagoon, where they have a “beach hut” in the sandbar where to rest and get refreshed

* Margarita Kitesurfing camp Sri Lanka

This Kitesurf Camp is located in the Kalpitiya lagoon and is also the main kitesurfing school according tripadvisor.  It is the perfect camp to stay if you want to be right at the kite spot of Kalpitiya lagoon! They have spacious and conformable waterfront bungalows and a rooftop bar to see the most beautifl sunsets in all Kalpitiya

Margarita kite camp is managed by 2 spanish guys and it is also the main IKO centre in Sri Lanka. They teach directly in the Kalpitiya lagoon and they also organize kitesurf trips to Vella islands and other kite spots regularly. If you are looking for good vibes and nice ambiance this is your kitesurfing camp!

* Kitelantis

Kitelantis is without a doubt the best kitesurfing camp for those who want a kitesurf vacation surrounded by friends and family. They have spacious and comfortable bungalows for those who prefer to have a little bit more luxury around. This resort is located in a natural and unique environment among many coconut trees and a very nice pool with views to the lagoon and to the “Dutch Bay”

*Sun Wind Beach Kalpitiya

This Kitesurfing camp is managed by a very friendly Sri Lankan family. They have rustic wooden bungalows right in Kalpitiya lagoon kite spot . Here you will find the best “Reggae” atmosphere in Kalpitiya and the most authentic local food! Sushantha and his team of local instructors teach in Kalpitiya lagoon and they have a safety boat all day  long. If you are looking for local instructors, Sun wind beach is best kite school runned only by locals! These guys are really friendly and funny 🙂

* Margarita Village 

This kite camp is located in Setthawadi neighbourhood , by Kalpitiya lagoon. The Margarita Village, with a charm and familiar atmosphere, has nice wooden bungalows with open roof an outdoor shower. Here you can take a shower under coconut trees (Take a look up just in case there are no coconuts directly pointing to your head – just kidding) These guys also have some pets like ducks, rabbits and also have free use of bicycles to move around

* The Rascals

The Rascals is one of the oldest and most famous Sri Lankan kite camps. This resort is actually the first Duotone Center in Kalpitiya and it also has spacious and beautiful chalets and a fairly large swimming pool. It is surrounded by a coconut state with a wonderful views to Kalpitiya lagoon. Due to its strategic location, it is the best option to go to kite spots like Dream spot or Vella island. The Rascals also has a restaurant with a variety of local and international food, being the “rice and curry”  the best!

* De Silva win resort

De Silva win resort is also located in Kalpitiya lagoon and they are also specialised in Windsurfing. De Silva is the only resort who rent windsurfing equipment in Kalpitiya. They have a restaurant in site and they do local and international food.  This resort is also located in Setthawadi neighbourhood among a coconut tree state. 

Ok, now you already what are the top kite camps in Sri Lanka where you can stay, but now you are may wondering what is the best kite school to take lessons. Before continuing, let us tell you that it is very important you choose a certified IKO school. You don´t wanna end up with the wrong equipment and the wrong instructor. (At least, I wouldn´t )

Kite Lantis resort

Kite schools located in Kalpitiya:

Here you have a list with the main kite schools you will find in Kalpitiya lagoon:

* Margarita kite school (IKO centre)

* Valampuri resort (IKO centre)

* Surfpoint (IKO Centre)

* Kitesurfing Lanka

* De Silva win resort

You should also know that Kalpitiya is not the only spot to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. Ok,it is probably the best due to its conditions and location but let´s give a chance to Kappaladi lagoon.

Kappaladi is another awesome kitesurfing spot in Sri Lanka to learn kite. Don´t believe me? Check the next video and you will know why!

Kite schools in Kappaladi

Here you have a list with the main kite schools in Kappaladi

* Kitekuda kite school 

* Sri Lanka kite centre (Element´resort)

Laerning kitesurfing in Kappaladi is so safe and easy that even the kitesurfing schools don´t need any rescue boat! You will be able to walk everywhere in this lagoon!

Kitesurfing camps in Kappaladi lagoon

Yes, indeed Kappaladi is a small lagoon, that´s why you will find less kitesurfing camps & kite schools around this lagoon. However, this kite spot is becoming more and more famous and new kite camps are coming to the stage. As I said, it is worthy to give a chance to Kappaladi, specially is you are one of those kiters that prefer to stay in quiet places

* Elements resort

Elements is also one of the largest and most popular kite camps in Sri Lanka and it is located on the seafront and right in Kappaladi lagoon too (literally surrounded by flat water lagoons and the ocean) They have family chalets, round bungalows and tropical bungalows, all of them very comfortable and spacious too and a very cosy swimming pool by the beach! Elements teach kitesurfing right at the lagoon next to the resort! Legend says that this guys was the first to conquer the kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. And of course, like always in life, first to arrive = best location (I would do that either)

*Kappaladi kite garden

If you are looking for a romantic guest house in Kalpitiya, don’t miss Kappalady Kitegarden. This resort is located less than 3 min walk from Kappaladi lagoon. They have rooms with AC, what is something difficult to find! This guys they don´t have kiteschool by themselves but you can stay with them and take your lessons with somebody else!

* Kite house

Kite house is the number 1 restaurant in Kalpitiya peninsula and they do the best food in town! Kite house is also operating as a low budget kite camp. Kite house has tents and wooden bungalows for those who are travelling with  little budget. Here you will find the most friendly guys in town: Annais and Keira. ONLY ORGANIC AND ORIGINAL FUSHION CUISINE is waiting you at Kite house. So Yummy.

Here you have a nice picture of all the team!!

Kite house cafe Kalpitiya Sri Lanka

kitesurfing conditions by spots

Down here, you will find the kite conditions by spot so you can have an idea about what are you going to find! 🙂


Flat water



Winter season/knots

Summer season/knots

Recommended level

Kalpitiya lagoon






Dream spot






Vella island












Donkey Point
















Navy Point






Weligama, Tangalle, Hikkadawa






Arugam Bay






The most exciting downwinds trips in Sri Lanka!

Now that you know evrything about the kitesurfing conditions in Sri Lanka, let´s talk a little bit more about adrenaline! 

In this paragraph, we are going to give you some tips if you are planning to do a kite trip o downind. Are you one of those crazy people who love to do downwinds? Are you passionate about making a downwind in a completely wild environment? Then you will be amazed with Sri Lanka! Here we introduce you a list of the most exciting downwinds you can sign up for.


The best downwinds are in summer season, when the wind is blowing the whole holly day! However, in winter time you can also do some of the most terrifying kite trips in Asia!


* Summer season


* From Dream Spot to Ippantivu island

(Puttalam Lagoon)


Duration: approximately one hour

Level:  Intermediate


* From Kappaladi Lagoon to Donkey Point and the Kalpitiya Lagoon



Duration: Approximately one and a half hour

Level: Expert


* Winter season


* From Navy Point to Dream Spot

(Puttalam lagoon and ocean)


Duration: one hour

Level: Expert


* Vella island hasta Dream spot

(Puttalam lagoon and ocean)


Duration: one hour

Level: Expert

Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Important things to consider before before ganising a Kite trip to Sri Lanka

Finally but not leastly, we want to give you some tips if you decide that Sri Lanka is gonna be your next destination…

Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka?

This is probably the first question that you are asking yourself…

Let´s say that Sri Lanka is one of the safest kitesurfing destinations in the world. Moreover, Sri Lankans are very hospitable and they are always smiling and ready to help. Obviously, we will always have to be careful with our belongings although general crime rates are very low


What kites should I take with me?

 This is another crucial question when it comes to a kite trip

Let´s give you the most logic answer; Depending on the season in which you are travelling to Sri Lanka, you will need one type of kite or another. For instance, in summer season, you are going to need rather small kites, from 7 to 10 meters. By the other hand, in winter season better you carry larger kites, from 12 to 14 meters.


What type of visa do I need?


You can process a tourist visa online for 30 days with the possibility of extending it 60 days more. If you want to extend your visa, you don’t need to waste time going at the immigration office; there are companies that can do the paperwork for you


What can I do in Sri Lanka apart from Kitesurfing?


The wind statistics in the Kalpitiya Peninsula and the north of Sri Lanka are spectacular and you will rarely run out of wind. Although during the summer season and especially on full moon days, the wind may be low for 3-4 days. Apart from kitesurfing, these are the activities that can be carried out near the Kalpitiya area in the event that you run out of wind:


* Go on a safari in Wilpattu National Park


The park is located about an hour from Kalpitiya and is one of the largest and wildest national parks in Sri Lanka. You can see leopards, elephants, crocodiles and many more wild animals!


* One day visit to the sacred city of Anuradhapura


Anuradhapura is one of the most important ancient cities in the world because of its culture and history. Here you will find some of the oldest ruins in the country. From Kalpitiya, you can go and come back from Anuradhapura in a day


*Boat trip by Genge River


The Genge is the river that crosses Wilpattu National Park and you can enter its jungle by boat. This is an alternative if you want to see wild nature without having to do a full jeep safari. It is possible to enter the Genge River by boat and spend a magnificent day in a virgin and natural environment. Of course you are not going to spot as many animals as you would spot in a jeep, but if you are lucky, yet you will be able to see crocodiles, monkeys or even elephants!


* Dolphin watching


On the coast of Kalpitya there are a large number of dolphins that can be easily sighted with a boat trip from December to Abril. You will be surprised by the number of dolphins there are!


In conclusion, you if what you have in your veins is kitesurfing, it is almost impossible you get bored in Sri Lanka 🙂