kitesurfing in the Dream spot

The dream spot is located just 20 min away from Kalpitiya town. Among all the Sri Lankan kite spots,  the Dream spot is probably one of the best. This amazing kite spot is located on the Dutch Bay and we can access easily by boat. There is a sand road from Kalpitiya beach which is heading to the Ducth Bay and we could also get there by track , however during some days it can bee too much sandy and sometimes even flooded (dependining on the rain and the tides). The easiest way to get Dream spot Kalpitiya is organizing a boat that can carry up to 6 people.

​What is the best season to kite on the Dream spot?

Both seasons: summer season and winter season are perfect for kiting on the dream spot. 

Is it possible to organize a downwind trip from/to Dream spot?

Yes, in summer season (from May to october) there is an amazing downwind trip from the Dream spot to Ippantivu island and even to the Wilpattu National Park border entrance. In Winter time the Dream spot is the perfect spot to ending a downwind trip from the Navy Point or even from Vella island

With side shore winds, the dream spot is also a perfect kite location for beginners

Is it the Dream spot a beginner kite spot?

Yes, with side shore winds , it is a very suitable kite spot for beginners and even for students

Are you ready to experience one of the best kite trips in life? Then you should visit the Dream spot! Find out more about Dream spot!