Did you hear that Sri Lanka is a top kitesurfing destination? In Sri Lanka, you will find some of the most terrific kitesurfing spots in Asia. Yes, indeed you can find some of the best spots in the world. With more than 400 km of coastline, there are countless kite spots with super steady wind!

The main kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka is from May up to ending September-beginning of October. In the summer season, the wind is quite strong, with an average of 18 to 20 knots approximately. On the other hand, in wintertime, the wind average is around 14 to 16 knots. It doesn´t matter in which season you are travelling to Sri Lanka for a kitesurfing trip, because you can kite almost anytime!

The best spot in Sri Lanka to learn kitesurfing is located in the Kalpitiya lagoon. Depending on the tide, sometimes the spot is also very shallow, which makes it a very friendly destination to learn kitesurf.

Also, from Kalpitiya, many kitesurfers organise kite trips and downwinds, like the Vella Island kite trip, the Ippantivu island kite trip or the Dream spot kite trip! All these kite spots have flat water which is super suitable for whoever wants to practise some kite tricks!

Are there other interesting kite spots in Sri Lanka?

Yes, there is a small lagoon called Kappaladi and it is also very near to Kalpitiya. You can learn kitesurfing in Kappaladi very easily because it is also a very shallow and flat water spot

Apart from Kappaladi, you can also do kite in Puttalam lagoon. Puttalam lagoon is a huge lagoon with more than 60 km large so you can imagine! It is like a flat water ocean! If you have the chance, you can organise a kitesurfing trip by the Puttalam lagoon to visit many islands around!

If you want to do kite in the east coast, you can go to Arugam Bay, where the wind is not consistent as on the west coast, but this village is really authentic. Arugam Bay became very famous as a surfing destination and now is a world famous tourist destination where many surfers gather around with very good vibes!

What most people do when coming to Sri Lanka for a kitesurfing trip is go to Kalpitiya first and from Kalpitiya they plan some kitesurfing trips to some of the best kite spots in Sri Lanka. Nowadays most of the resorts in KAlpitiya can organise very easily kite trips.


Most amazing kite spots in Sri Lanka

Are you planning to travel to Sri Lanka and do you want to know what are the main kitesurfing spots around? In this post, you are going to find some of the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka. All the west coast of Sri Lanka is windy for 9 months of the year. However, the wind direction is changing between the 2 seasons.  That is why while some spots are good in wintertime, some other spots are good only during summertime.  Some other spots are ok to kite during both seasons:

Where to kite in Sri Lanka during summertime? What are the main kitesurfing spots in summer?

  • Kalpitiya lagoon: this is the main spot to learn to kite in Sri Lanka
  • Dream spot: Located in the Dutch Bay, only 15 min from Kalpitiya (you have to go by boat)
  • Donkey Point: In order to the get to the dream spot you have to go to Kandakuliya town. Here you can kite in the sea. You are not going to find very good waives but it is worth going to catch the best wind in Kalpitiya
  • Kappaladi lagoon. Small lagoon with a very steady wind. There are some kite schools
  • Vella island: best kite spot in Sri Lanka. If you come for kitesurfing to Kalpitiya you cannot miss this spot. Vella island is a very long island with super flat water
  • Ippantivu island: this small island is located in Puttalam lagoon. Sometimes the wind could be stronger than in kalpitiya

Where to kite during wintertime? What are the main kitesurfing spots in winter?

  • Kalpitiya lagoon
  • Dream spot
  • Vella island
  • Navy Point: this is the perfect spot to go in wintertime. The Navy Point is located at the end of the Dutch Bay and it is a huge pool of flat water. From the Navy Point it is worth going downwind to the Dram spot or even to Kalpitiya

There are other kitesurfing spots on the south coast and the east coast of Sri Lanka with no so consistent wind, however, I would like to mention them too. Arugam Bay, for example, is very known as a surfing destination but you can do kite in Arugam Bay too depending on the day. In the south also, you can kite on beaches like Matara, where during some days in springtime and summertime it is very windy.