My kitesurfing trip to Kalpitiya kitesurfing spot (by kim)

As every year, I was planning my kitesurfing holidays in January when I heard that Kalpitiya could be an interesting kitesurfing destiny to travel. Last year one of my friends went to Kalpitiya for a Kitesurfing trip and he came back happy with Kalpitiya and with Sri Lanka in general. They told me that some of the kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka are considered among the best in the world Kalpitiya is located North from Negombo airport. It took around 2 and a half hours for me to get to Kalpitiya with a private shuttle. Once you go out from the airport terminal there are many local drivers waiting for the people. The first driver came to me I found he vas offering a very reasonable price so I jumped in the vehicle and I headed straight away to Kalpitiya town. Kalpitiya is a fishermen Village yet very quiet comparing the villages in south. The tourism is quite under development and that is the reason that all this are yet holds a quite authentic atmosphere.  Once in Kalpitiya I headed straight away to my kitesurfing resort located in kalpitiya lagoon, the main kite spot in Kalpitiya. It was windy almost every day and I was kiting with my 12 metres kite. The wind raised every day around 12 pm and it was continually windy until 4:30-5pm. How lucky I was that I could kite every day!! I heard that all the kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka located on the west coast are very windy, especially in summer  The flat water in KAlpitiya lagoon makes this kitesurfing spot a very good spot to learn kitesurfing too. Kalpitiya lagon is one of the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka if you want to learn kitesurfing.   I am advanced kitesurfer. Up to now I have learned how to front roll, how to back roll, how to jump high so for me this kind of kitesurfing spot with flat water was perfect. I saw some people learning kitesurfing too in the Kalpitiya lagoon.  Comparing with other kite spots with deep water, kalpitiya makes the teaching progress much easier! I saw some students standing up in the board in just 2 day. This can not be possible in my hometown in Turkey, where you see people straggling up a lot every day Kalpitiya is an amazing kitesurfing spot and the main place to kite and to learn is Kalpitiya lagoon. There are many kite spots in Sri Lanka too, most of them around Kalpitiya lagoon. I was lucky I made the kitesurfing trip to the Navy Point. This kite spot is located at the end of the Dutch Bay and I heard that it is worthy to go only in winter time as in summer the spot is choppy instead of flat. I found the Navy Point one of the best kite spots in Sri Lanka. At the time I visited the Navy Point the water was super flat and we where kiting day 2-3 hours approximate. Around 3 o´clock we started a downwind trip from the Navy Point to the Dream spot and this experience was also really amazing! We where kiting all the time by the Puttalam lagoon and it took us only 1 hour to get to the Dream Spot. Once in the Dream spot, we didn´t have more time for kiting so we picked up all our kite equipment and we took the boat back to Kalpitiya lagoon. I strongly recommend kite in Kalpitiya and visit all the interesting kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka!