Kitesurfing in sri lanka tips

Hi guys. Let me tell you: Sri Lanka is a wonderful country with a lot of biodiversity, culture, incredible landscapes and many kilometers of virgin beaches. In addition, for those who like kitesurfing, there are many incredible spots where you can enjoy this sport!

Where is the main kite area in Sri Lanka?

Kalpitiya is a peninsula that is in the northwest of Sri Lanka and is where the main kite spots of the country. This peninsula is more than 60 km long and the wind blows approximately 9 months a year. In the whole Kalpitiya peninsula, we find wonderful spots to kite: the Kalpitiya lagoon (located about 5 km from the village of Kalpitiya), Puttalam lagoon, and Kappaladi lagoon. In addition to these three lagoons, there are several islands north of Kalpitiya, with an incredible wind and calm waters: the Dream spot, the island of Ilimppativu and Vella Island, which is the best known of all.

What is so special about these kite spots?

Of course, wind statistics are the main reason why people go to Sri Lanka for kite practice. However, there are many other reasons why people get hooked on these spots, and it is that they still maintain an authenticity very difficult to find in other kite spots. Kalpitiya Lagoon is the most developed spot, however, the rest of the spots are still quite virgin and we can’t find anything other than nature and wildlife. This would be another reason why everyone who comes to kite these spots falls in love with them.

In addition to the Kalpitiya peninsula, wind statistics on the Mannar peninsula (located north of Kalpitiya) are also very good and we have Km of calm waters where you can navigate and enjoy Kite to the fullest.

There are some months of the year in which we can kitesurf in other spots in Sri Lanka, such as Matara or Weligama, located in the south. During some summer months, the wind blows very strong and you can sail in the sea and even reach 30 knots. However, currently, there is no infrastructure to help kitesurfers get into the water. The same thing happens in Arugambay, a kitesurfing spot where sometimes there is good wind, but its direction and characteristics of the place make it a complicated spot for kitesurfing.

It is important that before deciding the spot to which you want to travel, you take into account the wind seasons (winter and summer). In Kalpitiya and Mannar, the wind is almost all year round, however, in winter the direction of the wind changes so the conditions for kitesurfing also do. Anyway, it is always better if you let yourself be advised when making a kite trip to Sri Lanka.

You already know guys, if you are thinking of coming to kite in Sri Lanka, the best kite spots are in the Kalpitiya peninsula and in the Mannar peninsula. We are here to advise you on any spot!