Important things to take care when kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Hi guys, in this post we are going to recommend what we think is the most important thing to keep in mind when preparing your kitesurf trip to Sri Lanka. Many of you have already made kite trips to many places in the world and probably already take into account many of the things we will discuss in this post; we will nevertheless remind you of them so you do not forget anything along the way:

What is the kite size we should take with us?

The size of our kites to bring to Sri Lanka will always depend on the season in which we are going to travel.

In Sri Lanka, we have 2 kite seasons. In summer, the wind is stronger and oscillates between 17-25 knots but sometimes it can even reach 30 knots. Depending on the weight, we always recommend bringing kites from 7 to 10 meters. In winter, however, the wind is lighter and usually averages 14 to 18 knots, so we usually sail with kites from 12 to 14 meters.

For the surfboard, the twintip will be the best, as almost all you will find is flat water. If you are crazy about surfing the waves, I’m sorry to inform you that Sri Lanka is not your destination. It’s true that apart from the lagoon, we also sail in the sea and in Donkey Point sometimes waves are formed, but it’s not an ideal spot to ride the waves.  

How can I bring my kite luggage to Sri Lanka?

When buying a flight for a kite trip to Sri Lanka, it is very important that you consider how you are going to transport your kitesurfing equipment.  There are many airlines that do not charge extra luggage for carrying surfing and kitesurfing equipment. Major Arab airlines such as Qatar Airways, Emirates or Ethihad have a very flexible policy. I always fly with Qatar Airways and I can carry as many bags as I want as long as I don’t exceed 30kg. In addition, I have never had any problem to carry the boardbag, they just pass it through a separate conveyor belt as a special material.

What is the best way to get from the airport to the kite spot?

There is public transport in Sri Lanka and it is quite cheap. However, we always recommend hiring a private vehicle for comfort reasons. A private vehicle is faster than a public bus or train. In addition and most importantly, we will have enough space to leave our kitesurfing luggage.

What is the weather like? Should I wear neoprene?

Sri Lanka is in the tropics and it is not cold. Therefore, you don’t need to bring neoprene for your kite trip to Sri Lanka. With a swimsuit and spandex is enough for you to enjoy the kite to the fullest in this spot. Don’t worry about getting too hot or not, because here there is no feeling of embarrassment when it’s windy. What we do recommend is to always bring some slippers or water boots and sunscreen.