Hello my firend, if you came to this post there is probably a good reason why….and that´s simply because you are interested in Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya! We are here to answer all your questions when organising a kite trip to Kalpitiya!

First of all let me tell you that Kalpitiya has two wind seasons, making it one of the windiest places in the world. The numerous lagoons are perfect for beginner kiteboarders, while the neighboring ocean and the various islands in the bay are better suited to intermediate level riders and experts who can take advantage of offshore winds. In addition, Sri Lanka is a country to explore on windless days, which makes it perfect for an unforgettable and truly exotic vacation. Make sure to add Kalpitiya to your list of kitesurfing trips!


Where is Kalpitiya located? 


Located about 4 hours and 170 kilometers (104 miles) north of Colombo, on the Puttalam Peninsula, Kalpitiya has grown from a small, peaceful fishing village to a popular multi-activity destination (kitesurfing, diving, wildlife safaris etc. .). If you check on google maps you will realize how easy is to get kalpitiya from Colombo!

kitesurfing in kalpitiya. High jump

where to stay when kitesurfing in Kalpitiya? Our top pick kite resort to stay


Number 1 kitesurfing resort in Kalpitiya: KITELANTIS

Kitelantis is probably the best choice to stay when kitesurfing in Kalpitiya. This Kite resort is located right at the spot in Kalpitiya lagoon. Staying in this resort you will have the advantage of being right at the kite spot, it means you won´t have to worry a lot about how to get to the kite beach. If you need kite lessons or rentals they provide IKO instruction for all levels.

We are not the only one who consider this resort the number 1 kite camp to stay in Kalpitiya lagoon. The reviews they have in different platforms like Tripadvisor or booking.com are just awesome! Kitelantis provides to their clients a very spacious bungalows and a swimming pool to get refreshed at a . Furthermore, they are located in the middle of the nature in a coconut state. This resort is perfect for group of friends and families! If you are a kite beginner, they provide kite lessons in kalpitiya lagoon. After your lessons, you can relax in one of their hammocks and feel like in paradise


kitesurfing in kalpitiya best spot

What are the most famous kite Spots in Kalpitiya?

The main kitesurfing spot, the Kalpitiya Lagoon is the perfect place for beginners and experts alike.

A sand bar separating the ocean from the shallow lagoon allows beginners to improve their skills. Experts can try their tricks and jumps in the strong afternoon winds or directly out to sea.

Note that the launching area for your kite is located on the dune on the tongue of sand. No kite center or school starts directly from their location (except Margarita kite school which has a relatively large beach that is well oriented for summer and winter winds). You can reach the dune directly by boat if you come from one of the centers on the east side of the lagoon, or by tuk-tuk, van, motorbike or scooter via the access along the sand dunes of the lagoon .

The many fishing boats and kite centers are still very useful for rescue in the event of a off shore winds when the wind comes from the sea (mainly in summer season). Even if you are not part of a kite center, they are all ready to help, with a small rescue charge (500-1,000 LKR per rescue). In summer, the wind blows south / south-west, while it comes from the north in winter.

The schools start their lessons around 9:30 am and finish around 4:30 pm with a long lunch break between noon and 2 which frees up the site for all beginners during these hours. Recommended hours for less populated edges! One of Bruno’s favorite times: 6 pm-6:30pm for a sunset session that is always unforgettable! However, the wind can be very irregular in summer and even more towards the southern end of the lagoon. Also, the take-off area on the sand and dune strip tends to be crowded with courses and beginners, which at times makes it difficult to get in and out of the water as well as tricks near the edge. At the peak of the season, 50 or more kites make it a crowded site.

Fishing is the main economy for most of the villagers, so it is important to prioritize them during these hours. Depending on the condition of the dunes and silting, the northern part may only be accessible on foot or by 4 × 4.

Downwind kite trip from Donkey Point to the lagoon

Rather hectic in summer, it would be better to try your luck in winter with smoother sea and waves. You can spice up your session and almost jump from the ocean to the lagoon over the dunes (a few tens of meters anyway!). The beach is also a good finish point for a downwind from Donkey Point (see below).

PROS: You will be mostly left to yourself, but with a good wind on the right side. CONS: Restless in summer. Downwinder: Donkey Point Located near a small Sri Lankan navy camp, Donkey Point usually has the best waves in the area and a steady wind. 

The dream spot


Summer winds are side-on-shore and winter winds are side-off-shore so summer and winter, given the configuration of the point, make sure you have a safety boat or friends who know where you are. are.

PROS:: Stable wind and good waves CONS: Rescue boat recommended. Dream spot Another place with access to the ocean and the lagoon, Dream Spot is reached in 15 minutes by boat or 4 × 4 from the Kalpitiya lagoon. Some kitesurf schools and centers offer excursions there as part of their packages. You can also go from there for a downwind to Ippantivu Island (Mini Vellai). The crossing is very nice but with a lot of flap in the summer season.

Downwind to Ippantivu island

PROS: A wind more stable than the Kalpitiya lagoon CONS: Access by boat or sand path only A favorite spot for beginners: the Kappalady lagoon A lagoon about 30 minutes south of Kalpitiya, the flat water of Kappalady is perfect for beginners and those looking to improve their skills. The lagoon is rather small and is filled with a maximum of 15 kiters but offers a more stable wind than Kalpitiya and even shallower water. Note that the launch area is only accessible on foot by crossing the lookout in the middle of the lagoon or circling the north or south sides. 

Vella island

Meet the local kiters and find out about the spot when arriving and before setting off. PROS: Stable wind conditions, superb, shallow water everywhere, perfect for beginners CONS: A fairly small site, crowded with 15 kites. One area is meant to be reserved for beginners, leaving little room for the rest! Do not miss: Vellai and Paradise Islands A day trip or more to Vellai Island is a must in Kalpitiya. The 2.5 km (1.5 mile) bay site is located in the Bay of Portugal, about 1 hour by boat north of Kalpitiya and lives up to its name of paradise. The stable offshore wind blows from May to September and signifies flat water conditions. A few sandbanks allow beginners to train and other kiters to improve their skills or take a few breaks. The offshore wind nevertheless requires good control of upwind unless a rescue boat is waiting to bring you, your kite or your board back. A few fishing huts and dunes are the only structures on the island, but stays of several days can be arranged.

The wind is more stable than in the lagoon, so if the wind is irregular in Kalpitiya, plan a trip to Vellai. Ask to be dropped off on the strip of sand about 5 km (3 miles) from Vellai Beach, for an epic downwind on flat water and in the middle of white sandbanks! Sri. Lanka Kalpitiya Kiteboarding. Vellai Island Paradise! Vellai – Paradise! Sri. Lanka Kalpitiya Kiteboarding. Fishermen in vellai island Fishermen of Vellai PROS: Flat water, steady wind, sand bar, just perfect! CONS: Go ahead before it gets too popular! Not recommended for beginners not assisted by a boat. Island of Ippantivu Also called Mini Vellai, it is one of the small islands further up the Dutch bay towards the ocean. The central bay is protected and offers flat water with offshore winds. A good and close alternative to Vellai, a boat ride can reach the island in about 30 minutes. In summer you can easily wind from the peninsula to Dream Point, but the water can be rough. S

 Ippantivu Island on a stormy afternoon Ippantivu Island on a stormy afternoon Magic island The flat water spot is recommended in summer with an offshore south-southwest wind. A popular downwind across Dutch Bay is also possible.

Equipment rental and kite schools in KAlpitiya

Many kitesurfing centers and schools can be found around Kalpitiya Lagoon and along the ocean. The most important are Kitesurfing Lanka, Margarita Kite, but there are others. . This list is not exhaustive as it seems that new schools and new centers appear every two days! Sri. Lanka Kalpitiya Kiteboarding. Learning how to kite in Kalpitiya Lagoon. Learn to kitesurf in the Kalpitiya lagoon Several schools are also close to the Kappalady Lagoon: Kite Center Sri Lanka, and Kitekuda Sri Lanka Kite School. 

Many use Western instructors as well as local professionals who have grown up in the wind and know the spots. If you plan to go windsurfing KAlpitiya lagoon is not your place. 

Rent or bring your kitesurfing equipment? That is the question! Well, our answer will be: bring your own! Of course, that means bringing your big bags to Kalpitiya, but you’ll be free to go wherever you want whenever you want. Certainly, renting offers the flexibility to get different sizes of kite depending on the wind. But you can always do this to supplement your material, if necessary.

One of the reasons we suggest bringing your gear is that the prices charged for the rental tend to be on the expensive side. In addition, the rental equipment that we have seen and tried does not seem to be the most recent or best performing models. Admittedly, it was in March, at the end of the season, and most schools had already packed most of their equipment.  If you have specific equipment in mind, or a make or model, contact kite stores to see if they have what you want.

kitesurfing spots in Kalpitiya

Kitesurfing shops in Kalpitiya

Each kite station has a small store where you can buy new or used equipment – harnesses, water sports t-shirts, sometimes even boards or kites. Note that you might find a good deal on the North and Nobile kites made in Sri Lanka. There is a real kite specialist store in downtown Kalpitiya managed by AAA Kiteboarding You can find boards, kites, slippers, swimwear, shorts, sunscreen, and others. It also includes repair material. Very well supplied! Note that the store is only open from 5 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. when the team returns from the beach. In the event of a problem or breakage, see the AAA Kiteboarding or Sri Lanka Kite store for repairs. It can save your vacation! In Search of Leopards in Willpatu National Park When to go? With two windy seasons to choose from, Kalpitiya allows you to plan your kitesurfing vacation. The summer season runs from May to October, the wind usually blowing 15 to 25 knots every day, sometimes even with peaks of 30 knots. The wind is generally from the southwest.  If you come for kitesurfing ending season like March, over a period of about 45 days, you can have 5 days without wind, 10 days with light wind, and the rest of the time, quite irregular wind! Local kiters say this is very unusual. A reason to try the winter season and come back next summer! The winter season is from December to February, with regular afternoon winds averaging 15 to 20 knots most of the time. The wind comes from the north during this season and starts from the end of the morning. Many say that the winter season is actually better than summer, because the wind can be less strong but more constant. More stable winds mean flatter water, making winter a good time for other activities such as diving, whale and dolphin watching.



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Important things to take care when kitesurfing in Kalpitiya

If you want an unmemorable kitesurfing trip in Kalpitiya , here you have some good tips that you can not forget!


The visa to Sri Lanka must be processed a few weeks before your trip. Since 2012 the easiest way to obtain your visa to Sri Lanka is to process an electronic visa (ETA) through the Sri Lanka travel authorization website.

On this platform you can process your visa, filling in all the information that is required. You should bear in mind that the authorization page is not fully translated into Spanish, so if you have any questions, you can ask one of our agents.

Once you have filled in all the fields, after a few minutes, you will receive an email indicating if your visa has been approved or not. If yes, all you have to do is print this paper and show it at the Sri Lanka airport once you arrive.

You must present this document, along with your passport, and fill out an immigration form on the spot at the airport. Once this is done you can head to Kalpitiya


Land of smiling people, endless tea plantations, waves, corals, palm trees, national parks, and rock-cut temples. Home to chaos but also to peace and tranquility. Island of endless travel, movie sunsets and religious ceremonies. One thing is clear, few destinations in the world are as rich, varied and surprising as Sri Lanka, the ‘tear of India’, although do not worry, the only tears you will shed will be for the emotion of knowing such a special land. Well, and you may fall the odd tear with food, that Sinhalese gastronomy itches, and a lot! Give some rest to your kite and to your muscles and get away from Kalpitiya from time to time