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In Kalpitiya you will find many kite schools and resorts who offer kite lessons in Kalpitiya lagoon, a super safe spot to learn kitesurf.  The main kitesurfing schools in Sri Lanka are located in Kalpitiya and surroundings. Want to learn Kitesurfing on beautiful spots with constant wind? Kalpitiya  is one of the best and most  windiest spots in Asia. In Kalpitiya lagoon you will be able to learn kitesurfing on flat water from May until September and from December to March, far from the other crowded kitesurfing spots of Asia. Tha safatey spot of Kalpitiya lagoon will guarantee your safety and will assure the best kite instruction standards

What should you consider when choosing a kite school in Kalpitiya?

kitesurfing is an extreme sport and it requires a proper instruction in order to learn well and safe. Before piciking a kite school you should consider the next. It is hard to believe but there are some resorts and schools who even don´t speak english!! FIND OUT WHAT ARE THE TOP KITE SCHOOLS IN SRI LANKA


* The school is a certified IKO school or similar oficial certificate


* The school has a safety boat


* The school has kite instructor who can speak english


* The school has new kitesurfing equipment




Best kite schools in Kalpitiya - Sri Lanka

Kitesurfing Sri Lanka kite learning? Oh yeah! In sri Lanka you will find the best schools to learn kite. Learning kitesurfing in Sri LAnka is the top activity to do if you are crazy about kitesurfing!


*Margarita kite school


*Valampuri resort