Best Flat water kite spot in the world

Nowadays Sri Lanka is considered one of the top kitesurfing destinies in the world and probably is the best flat water spot in Asia. Northern winds in winter  time and southern winds in summer time makes it a very friendly country to practise kitesurfing 9 months per year.  There are for sure other amazing kite spots in Asia like Vietnam, Thailandia or Indonesia, however any of these spots can bit the Sri Lankan wind statistics. In summer time , From May to Juin, there is an average of wind from 20 to 30 knots and in winter time from 14 to 20 knots. No other spot in Asia can compit with this wind statistics.  I you come to Asia for kitesurfing, Sri Lanka is by far the best kitesurfing in spot to choose. Furthermore, the conditions for kitesurfing are amazing: flat and shallow water and around 28-30 degrees.